You were Created to be in Fellowship

Brad had to cut his presentation short today, so here is one of the shortest Sermons we’ve had.
The full notes were in Sunday’s Pew Bulletin, and we are each continuing with our reading of Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Purpose (copies available from the church).

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Forty Days of Purpose: You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure

Audio recordings made from today’s service:

Dee Evans singing her own song, “Jesus, I Love You”

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Sermon = the whole service today! 7 August 2011

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Forty Days of Purpose: Starting Now!

Brad kicked off the church’s study of Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” series with this first in a series of sermons. These will run in parallel with the congregation’s reading and discussion of the 40 days of purpose – ONE EACH DAY.

Have you read yours today?

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