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Welcome! We’re glad you’re joining us.

Many of us will join in with this video on Sunday morning (28th June) from 9am.
Don’t just watch – read the Bible with us and sing with us at home :)
You can download and save this video by clicking this link.
You can find past videos here.

Bible reading Sunday 28th June:  
Matthew 10:37-42

Project Plenty “Shared life. Flourishing communities” Draft Report:  
Project Plenty Web Page

While you’re waiting you might like to read this week’s letter from Ashmore’s Church Council regarding your offering to God’s work through Ashmore Uniting Church.

This is a place we can gather online while we all keep out of the way of the COVID-19 virus, isolating ourselves physically to slow it’s spread, but meeting spiritually.

We can’t meet in our building, but we are not our building.

We are Ashmore Uniting Church: Reaching Out, Changing Lives.

To join us you can:

  1. Worship with us – watch the video above, sing along at home with the rest of us, pray the prayers with us (God is there in your home with you!) and send in your comments below.
  2. Reach Out to your neighbours to see if they need any help, or if they’re interested to know how you stay hopeful and caring
  3. Support us by donating funds or volunteering to visit people in need

To chat here with your friends at church

  1. Click where it says “Click here to join the conversation…”
  2. Click “Guest” (or a different option if you prefer) and enter your name
  3. Type a greeting to those present in the chat
    (you might need to click again where it says “Type a message . . .”)
  4. When you’ve finished, click the  button at the bottom of the chat window to vacate your “seat” in the chatroom. There are only 5 seats in the chatroom, so please vacate yours if you’re no longer using it. Let’s chat to each other!

5 thoughts on “Ashmore Uniting Church Online

  1. Thank you, what a blessing to our household that service was. We joined in with the prayers and sang out loud letting anyone within earshot hear our out of tune voices, with the valuable messages included, particularly, ‘The blessed assurance that Jesus is ours’.

    Yes, this coronavirus is restricting people. It is an appropriate reflection of what Good Friday would have meant to Jesus’ family, friends, and followers, throughout their darkest day…… (except the darkest day may last several weeks or months with this pandemic). It will lead us into the brightest day (Easter Sunday) where a whole new life (for us and many others) this world over will begin. Many are going to change from their self-interest and step out into a new life. The Blessed assurance that Jesus is mine is the key.

    For now, however, Isaiah 26:20 could not be more pertinent. A quote directed at the land of Judah but interesting to our times I am certain………..’Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by’.

    And a direct quote from today’s Upper Room……….
    ‘As Christians, we know that even in the midst of our distress we can remain strong in the assurance that death is not the end. As we struggle through times of grief, the promise given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ strengthens us, gives us hope, and enable us to persevere.’

    I enjoyed the service today.
    I sent the link on to a few blokes I consider as my good mates and am hoping they tune in….. Ron said something along the lines of “tune your focus to God so he can adjust the balance for you”. I pray many do take up that opportunity and tune their focus to God and let him adjust the signal to one that suits each person best.

    See you all next week, and everybody invite somebody along……… this is a great moment for us to all………. ‘Reach out, and change lives’.

    Blessing to all,
    David and Deborah Buck.

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